The Other Inconvenient Truth
Class Warfare

Been a while since I posted on Tumblr; not because it’s been quiet though – that’s for sure.  Anything but that.  I couldn’t begin to cover it all.  I am going to comment on something that I haven’t really fully thought through and considering the weight of that – it might be ill-advised to comment, but I am just going to shoot from the hip on this and voice my opinion.  It’s only the potential fate of the United States Presidential election that might be impacted by my thoughts possibly – so, no big deal really.  Just thought I would share. 

I want to preface my statements with me right now sitting here at Panera Bread N. Side OKC having the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee graphic as my desktop image.  I have hoped to find alliance with some influential members of what might be referenced as the ‘Ruling Class’ or whatever terminology might be appropriate.  This might be especially sensitive with the meeting of the Bilderberg Group this weekend and some attendees actually possibly having favor for my ordeal to be resolved favorably for me?  I really couldn’t know.  I don’t know anything to be reality.  I might guess if it is that it has been a topic of some discussion possibly.  This might be the very reason that I have possibly caught wind of President Obama considering my ordeal to be made an example of to fire up his base. 

I say again that I really don’t want to be at the center of a controversy that could swing the Presidential election, but if I have a choice of my ordeal being dealt with or not and it having to be a factor then you might guess how I would feel.  I honestly could vote for either candidate myself.  I feel as though Mitt Romney is smart enough that he knows that this ordeal can be a major hurdle for his campaign if it were made public or even used in a ‘whisper campaign’ against Republicans.  I’m not sure how President Obama might play it that he hasn’t taken a stand before the months running up to the election, but again – I might play along if it was the only option for it to be dealt with. 

I do believe that the Bush Family has been demanding that I be denied justice for what I have endured.  In recent weeks I have perceived that President George HW Bush has ramped up his influence in attempt to undermine any resolution that isn’t dictated by the Bush Family.  I have had the impression that Mitt Romney has been trying to persuade the influential Republicans to overrule the obsession to control and dictate my life, but Bush & Co. are seemingly set upon taking down the Republican’s shot at the White House this year if that is what it takes I guess? 

If true then that might be grounds for forgiveness to President Obama for not going to battle with the Bush Family over my ordeal.   If they are that obsessed with their tyrannical rule over my life that they would undermine Mitt Romney’s campaign – then they have issues I might not have realized.  This might go above and beyond any ‘President’s Club’ that might dictate covering for one another and not soiling the Office by perusing a situation like this to the point of making it public. 

Cutting to the title of the post topic; I have in the last 48 hours possibly caught it go around that President Obama is considering making my ordeal a focus of a ‘Class Warfare’ attitude of Republicans toward the ‘Working Class?’ What propelled me to post on this today is my perception of the insistence that I can have a ‘position/job’ in lieu of any real justice for the violation of my rights that I have endured.  There is such a seemingly never-ending insistence that if I am not going to have ‘The Business’ in Oklahoma/Texas and be some kind of Bush Crony millionaire businessman and be subjected to whatever whim that W sees fit I presume – that I am forced to accept some ‘position/job’ where I am controlled under the Bush Family influence in another fashion.  This might not be rocket science in concept that they would demand that.  Why they are dictating anything at this point is really beyond me after the disgrace that it has likely brought to the entire nation. 

What struck me today as I was ranting to myself about not caring about the ‘shitty job’ (as I have come to reference it) is in today’s post Bush Administration job market what a hot commodity that a ‘shitty job’ has become.  It started me to thinking of it in terms of any proposal of my ordeal being made a centerpiece in an argument regarding the Republican ‘Ruling Class’ mentality toward the ‘Working Class.’ 

I am looking at this now in a light of how beyond this being a matter of the Bush Family ‘pride’ being staked in forcing me to endure their tyranny over my life and dictating resolution – to now considering this in a broader picture of my ordeal giving insight to a ‘Ruling Class’ attitude toward the violation of ‘Working Class’ rights and denial of justice in any traditional sense in favor of some supposed ‘position/job’ intended to pacify as ‘justice served’ with no real penalty incurred by those responsible and the added effect of silencing me from exposing it any further. 

Again, this might not be a novel concept; I have already endured a nightmare of persecution in my workplace over my efforts to expose this I might imagine and this is likely not the first time in history anyone has endured a violation of their rights and found pressure to keep silent over it similarly.  I question though if Bush & Co. have some design upon the ‘Class Warfare’ being taken to another level with the decimation of the jobs market in the favor of the ‘Ruling Class.’  On my trip down to Texoma last weekend I was actually in Texas and overheard people behind me commenting on my ordeal being the most frightening example of ‘Class Warfare’ in modern times or however they were depicting it. 

Has a ‘job/position’ become such a scarce commodity that it is now being accepted as ‘justice?’ “Here’s a better position of servitude for you to enjoy as justice for the violation of your rights – now, be happy that you get that much and you better shut the fuck up or you will lose that too?”

It might be something to think about.  There is certainly an abnormal insistence that a ‘position/job’ meant to cover up for W is considered ‘Justice’ for my ordeal and I might imagine that my ordeal would rank amongst the most serious of rights violations brought to light if it ever did see trail in a court of law. 

Marilyn Manson

I hope it doesn’t detract from the sentiment to be a little clearer about why I was motivated to go see Marilyn Manson this evening.  I didn’t go because I am just not that tuned in to what was happening and didn’t even so much as realize that he had a new album out nor that The Pretty Reckless is opening for him (I follow Taylor Momsen on Twitter even).  I thought I could wait and decide if I wanted to go last minute and that was a big mistake – SOLD OUT!  I was more than a little skeptical of handing out minimum of double face value for tickets that were questionably legitimate. 

The backstory is that I might not be the biggest Marilyn Manson fan in Oklahoma City or have even heard a single Pretty Reckless song (though I’m intrigued to say the least LOL).  The reason had more to do with my efforts to reach out to artists including some who have seen their careers marred by depictions that their music was the motivation for people to act out in violence. 

I believe that they embrace that I have reached out to them in an effort to avoid a violent outcome to my ordeal. An ordeal that if it is indeed as I perceive it to be might be more motivation to incite violence than what most people might ever really be capable of grasping.  I routinely ‘turn the other cheek’ – and I am not really the kind of person who takes being disrespected lightly. I might point out that I routinely ‘turn the other cheek’ to guys that really have no business testing me to see if they might have what it takes to back up their insults to me and actually they generally seem to be that type and not huge guys that might rip me apart. 

I don’t want my ordeal to reflect anything but these artists having inspired me to seek for justice to be served no matter how long it took to see it.  I have more than once thought about Columbine and other incidents and felt inspired to not see my ordeal end like that and hoped to payback the artists involved for their time and effort spent to promote ‘Peaceful Resolution’ for my ordeal with at least some sense of redemption from the depictions of their art contributing to the violence that they were accused of inspiring. 

At any rate, I wish I could have made it to the show, but I fucked up not buying my tickets early.  Missing seeing Taylor open up (I just noticed today that she was) –  really rubbed salt in the wound LOL.  I’m impressed that she opened up for Evanescence too I might add after reading up a little on her today.  I’ll have to try to check out some of her songs one of these days. 

“Lucky To Get Out With His Life”

Up at Panera on the North Side OKC this morning having my coffee and listening to the local Okies of this part of town run their fucking mouths; what else is new?!  Some motherfuckers behind me just popped off (unless I am delusional) about how I’ll be lucky to get out of Oklahoma with my life – that was the part that I caught – the inference of that being that I would never see legal recourse against whoever might be responsible for the financing or otherwise liable for the violation of my privacy/’surveillance’ and/or any other aspect of this ordeal. 

Another sentiment that seems to be popular recently is formulating the death threats in the context of how if I am trying to get killed I’m doing a good job of it – this is what I catch anyway.  Reason being – that I am exposing their fucking bullshit and realizing seeing it bring threat to their economy as I have been aiming to do for *YEARS* now.  As if I give a fuck what the latest death threats are supposedly motivated by.  They’ve been making death threats for years now. 

The irony in this is that these fucking Punk Ass Motherfuckers have brought this all on themselves in violating my Constitutional Rights and seeing how hard they could persecute me and I have ‘turned the other cheek’ so to speak in pursuit of seeing legal recourse against them and realize a ‘Peaceful Resolution.’  If I so much as looked at them crosseyed much less sat around hurling death threats like this – they would pee themselves and cry for the popo to come and arrest me.  We’ll see how brave they are here in a few minutes when I get up to get another cup of coffee.  I’m sure it will be the picture of Billy Badass Okies pissing themselves like the little pussy bitches that they are. 

Getting Jerked Around As Hard As Possible

Hey, you know what makes for good times in the United States of America?  Apparently, making me believe I am schizophrenic and then not only violating every concept of privacy/Civil Rights and exploitation of my life in the process – how about stirring up every *celebrity* on the planet to get in on the act of vacillating from being on my side for resolution and talking endless shit about wanting to ‘meet me’ and then them playing dumb about having ever said such a thing or going on tirades about how none of them want to ‘meet me’ – several dozen times a week or more? 

I confess that I have pled for *celebrities* to help me see justice for my ordeal – I believe that connections to a number of them were what started this ordeal to begin with, but it has grown into this disaster of seemingly them only wanting to fuck me out of whatever it might be worth or I can go fly a kite if they don’t get something out of it? 

Whatever is the case – I am hammered with never ending rumors of who does or doesn’t want to ‘meet me’ and oftentimes I can’t tell if I respond to any of it if it only elicits false rumors to be circulated to thwart locals from believing it or if it is just more games being played to mindfuck me as much as humanly possible? 

I can’t imagine anyone with any compassion at all can’t see that this ordeal having fucked me out of any personal life – no girlfriend since I have been 26 years old for the most part; 14 fucking years of my life spent alone…. Doesn’t lend to me being very vulnerable to finding an appeal to fixate on this *celebrity* female or that one.  

Yet, it seems to like to be seized upon as me bringing this fucking fiasco on myself for my personal pining for whoever is the flavor of the week of my *celebrity* crushes….. just so I can be hammered with it if give the slightest hint that I have a crush on whoever it might be.  Rumors.  Street talk.  Shit, I have no idea how I believe I even *hear* it half the time and I’m not bullshiting you about that.  No idea. 

Add to this that there may be some very high up *celebrities* (men) that see me as some kind of vehicle for their political agendas to be pushed through – how I don’t even know and I doubt they have a clue either to be honest.  No matter, they have the ultimate of Hollywood muscle and use that to seemingly have all of these *celebrity* females to put word out about how they want to ‘meet me’ and then these chicks get all pissed off at me because they feel like they are being coerced to say that they want to fuck me more or less. 

These guys can apparently only control me if they keep me from seeing justice served and me being forced into some shitty job that keeps me in their servitude and covering up for W & Co I suppose?  Not really even sure how that works out to be honest.  This is my impression of it though. 

It’s a fucking circus like nobody could ever imagine and this is the supposed *enjoyable* part of all of this – I am having endless *death threats* issued toward me from what I gather over seeking to see this ordeal have justice served and those responsible held accountable.

Throw in the local psycho Christians who are on a campaign to see if they can humiliate me as much as possible with public harassment over what a *child molester* I am, etc. and this is one big fucking party of seeing just how hard I can be fucking jerked around as hard as possible that I don’t believe anyone could possibly imagine. 

Fun, fun, fun!  24/7 365 days a year! 

My Bagel and Coffee at Panera Today

I love Panera Bread!  I really do honestly.  I fucking hate the caliber of Okie that is drawn to them.  This goes back to probably 2004 – 8 years ago now when I used to go to the Panera Bread in Norman, OK and they would viciously persecute me behind my back with everything under the sun and I would hammer away on my laptop reading my downloaded copy of the New York Times, etc. that was critical of then President George W Bush and plot my next move in undermining their violations of my rights in this Shithole State. 

You might think surely that has changed if my ordeal is as possibly blown up as I believe it might be now 8 years later?  Oh, HELL NO!  I have been renewing my Panera visits to a couple of locations near prominent Oklahoma City neighborhoods; Nichols Hills and near Gaillardia on the North Side of OKC. 

Yesterday they were very tight lipped about what I was doing on my laptop – basically, giving them a little presentation of what I’ve been up to the last 8 years or so in pictures and otherwise as I have documented my ordeal.  I believe I have been slandered as viciously as possible as being ‘retarded’, ‘incompetent’, a ‘cretin’ etc. by W & Co. and I hoped they caught on that I have been plotting revenge on their economy that just so happens to span being waged from either side of the aisle. 

Constitutional Conservatives and Military Assets/Missions/BRAC Defense Cuts – that could cut either way with communities fighting for their military bases and missions.  Civil Rights, 14th Amendment issues – maybe a more Liberal cause possibly.  Anyway, I think the more astute Okies were gathering that I am onto them pretty hard. 

Today though it was the ‘Christian Conservative’ Okies that showed up after Church and they couldn’t contain themselves.  They like to believe that their little spying on me, exploiting my privacy, and me being forced to believe I am schizophrenic is their punishment of me for crimes they only claim that I have committed without any Due Process of Conviction, observation of prohibition of Cruel and Unusual Punishment, etc.  Basically, they love to brag that they have violated my Constitutional Rights.  Like being ‘Christians’ gives them some authority to ignore the United States Constitution? 

I don’t even know, but they seem to get off on thinking that they are ‘punking’ me out.  After I Tweeted about one of them being a ‘punk’ for spouting off as loud as he could about me being ‘addicted to pornography’ to a gaggle of young girls apparently because I then overheard a chorus of the ‘so sad’ statements that the Okie Girls are programmed to utter on command to try to humiliate me.  It’s like a fucking stage drama. I swear to GOD!  They have apparently coordinated these little public displays that they maybe believe are going to humiliate me into hiding or who knows what, but it doesn’t do anything but piss me off.   

I packed up my shit and went around the room seeing if the motherfucker that shot his mouth off wanted to say something to my face – and of course whoever it was didn’t want me to know who he was.  The room was full of children and babies too.  Not a super bright move on his part to see what the most inciting thing he could do might be if you ask me.  Run your fucking mouth off about something that sexually harassing in public and see how hard you can try to orchestrate a scene out of it with children and babies as your shield.    

They really went off to each other about if I knew what ‘punk’ meant.  Um, yeah, I think I do know in the more literal sense of what it means;

And I take this as a reference to these fucking ‘Christians’ bragging that they are trying to let their Fucking Queer President W Fag off on my privacy and coerce me into being ‘his bitch.’  Not exactly the sort of talk I would expect from ‘Christians.’  That might only be an Okie thing to root on a prison rape mentality toward other human beings, but it really paints a negative image of ‘Christians’ in my eyes period.  I’m not living amongst ‘normal’ people.  I am in the middle of a bunch of fucking Okies and these are the only ‘Christians’ that I see. 

I Tweeted in response that I hope that the Muslim Nations of the World are tuned in to how these ‘Christians’ conduct themselves.  I say that because it has been my experience that only if the most motivated critics are made aware will any action be taken and I know that it spooks the Okies to believe that their little mindfuck for W program is brining Worldwide attention to them.

I welcome ‘Christians’ of the World or the other parts of the United States to condemn the Okie ‘Christians’ and their radical prison mentality of how they run their little community here. Take the lead in making an example of this not being acceptable if you don’t want it to be used as an example of how fucked up ‘Christians’ are. 

I don’t really give a flying fuck about me not suffering this fucking outrageously abusive treatment with all the power of the Presidency behind me suffering it and those responsible not having that very weight thrown back in your faces – YOU FUCKING DESERVE IT! Don’t cry about it.  I am going to continue to expose it as I see fit and I have been extremely reserved in doing so.  It’s not because I don’t know of many ways to reach out that would be far more damaging or cause for volatility in response, etc. Stop baiting me to pull out all the stops. 

If Katy Perry would like to try to make it up to me on behalf of the United States female Christian population – I just saw the Adidas Sports Bra ads;

OMFG!  I would love to see a nice California Christian Girl make Okies eat their words in regard to my ‘addictions’ in EPIC fashion. 

(or a nice Israeli Jewish Girl for that matter - whoa!  I would become Jewish for that)

Silence of the Lambs II

Bush Country!  Where Men Are Men And The Sheep Are Scared!

How Many Stories Run On Me Now?

I don’t mean to be hypocritical in this – I have been made to believe I am insane and left to guess at what is going around and reality is.  So, yes, I have had many theories on what is the reality of circumstances.

I want a rundown on every story that has come from the ‘Bush Camp’ on me.  I perceive that the depiction vacillates several times a day on some days.  ‘Just trying to help me out’ to ‘being punished for being a child molester’ etc.  Those might be the two extremes, right? 

The latest thing that I seem to be catching on to is how I am some huge ‘con artist?’ This depicts poor W as the victim of my scheme to have him force me to endure him having me ‘under surveillance’ for 13 years, destroy my sex life, make me believe I am insane – possibly including paying off my psychiatrist to keep me misdiagnosed to believe I am schizophrenic, etc.?  Have threats of violence, persecution, sexual harassment, etc. instigated against me?  Slander me viciously around the country to attempt to ward off anyone from assisting me to escape his tyranny over my life? 

Attempt to force me to live in Oklahoma and have ‘The Business’ where he can have utter complete control over me?  My absolute refusal of this being turning down what I assume is MILLIONS of dollars?  Turning down MILLIONS of dollars so that I can escape all of the above and see Justice served for what I have endured?  Sacrificing no telling what kind of fortune might supposedly be involved to settle for damages for what I have endured?  Is that what a ‘con artist’ = I might imagine some very unscrupulous person would do?  Refuse to ‘be a part of’ the possibly biggest boondoggle of the century so far? 

Did I con the Founding Fathers of the United States into writing the US Constitution just to entrap W into a huge scheme of complicated legal speak above his comprehension level? Terms like ‘unreasonable search and seizure’ – is that one of the complicated concepts that W might have been lured into violating unwittingly by a slick con artist like myself?  There hasn’t seemingly been much lack for desire to find something on me while doing it that I can be imprisoned for? 

What maybe are some of the other tricky legal concepts that W has been unwittingly lured into violating to entrap him? ‘Due Process?’ does the Judicial Branch of the United States Government confuse W as to what its purpose is?  Why do the American People need that when we have W with such impeccable judgment to be the ‘decider.’ It just complicates things, right?

‘Cruel and Unusual Punishment?’ maybe I somehow sensed that W was a total fucking psychopath and lured him into putting all of the power of the Office of the Presidency of the United States of America behind seeing how fucked up he could treat me?  That might be one slick trick on my part.  Not committing suicide while enduring it was possibly the best trick that I managed to pull off. 

Most Recent Developments

Take this with a big grain of salt; I am speculating, but if any of this is reality – again, I believe I am pretty fucking good at speculating.  I believe with the Chinese dissident situation that President Obama has flipped out and declared what this morning might have been some punitive action toward the State of Oklahoma; a fine or something for every day until this is resolved. 

Then, just minutes ago – this seems to evolve into President Obama doesn’t really care how it is resolved = meaning if I am killed off he won’t have his Justice Department pursue charges I am to assume? 

This stems from me having previously made contact with the Chinese; in their capacity as United Nations Members to pressure for resolution of the Human Rights violations that I have endured in the United States.  I assume as much anyway.  The prospect of me doing it again with all of this Human Rights news over this Chinese dissident issue is heightening tensions it would appear? 

This and me making contacts in regard to the Chesapeake Energy fiasco that is in the news seems to have created a more than usual volatile atmosphere possibly?  If it could be more volatile? 

I might hope that the Europeans and other member nations of the United Nations are pulling for me to see this resolved peacefully and for me to realize the legal recourse that I believe is called for.  There isn’t going to be some shitty job to cover up for this. Although that would seem to be about par for the course in regard to how absurd this entire ordeal has been – I demand that something a little better than the fucking halfass bullshit that I have endured be done to resolve this. 

I’m ready for whatever – I’m done having my life raped and my rights in every capacity be denied and me be expected to roll over and be submissive.  13 years now.  I’m 40 years old.  I’m at a point where I will not back down and I will face whatever you’ve got to bring. 


I might have hit on or revisited a concept in what this whole ordeal is all about this morning.  I believe that one possibility or a component of this ordeal is that W is about a moron and I am not just throwing that around lightly.  I mean really – I have believed that my intelligence has been put into question throughout this ordeal and I have been slandered regarding it as possibly no other person has ever endured.  I really mean it when I say that this entire experience has been one that I really hope that nobody has ever endured or will ever be forced to endure in the future.

In the process of W insisting that I am a ‘cretin’ or whatever his attack has been upon me in that regard; I believe it has come to light that I’m not nearly the dumbass that W would like to portray me as.  I might believe that he would like to portray that I can’t survive without being a crony to him, etc. Whatever.  Who knows.  There really isn’t much point to trying to make sense out of this ordeal too much, but I do have impressions that I believe should be shared.  I’m at the center of this and experience it all in ways that others can’t. 

I also believe that it has been discussed during revelation that I have tested while in rehab to be above average intelligence (122 IQ = ‘superior’ classification) and in some capacities I might be far beyond above average.  I’ve caught on that people have discussed that if I am at that level that I’m ‘playing with about 20 points more than W has’ or some very similar comment.  I might believe that if true. 

Anyway, moving on – I suspect that W believing that he is too elite to be held accountable for anything he does and him having the power of the Presidency has empowered him to try to employ a ‘might is right’ strategy against me in attempt to beat me into submission.  His initial declaration of having me ‘under surveillance’ pissing me off and turning me against him – instead of being realized to be a mistake and trying to make peace or whatever has seemed like a challenge to him?  There was likely plenty of room to have made peace and this not be a 13 year long battle of him insisting that he can do just what the fuck ever he wants to do and I have to be submissive to him regardless of his disrespect to me in the process. 

So, W has seemingly violated every principle, law, virtue, etc. of the United States in his petulant fit of a pursuit to beat me into submission and everyone has stood by and let him do it.  That might be an understatement actually – I’m sure that there are many who have actively participated in his pursuit of attempting to beat me into submission.  I believe I am most recently catching it go around that the Oil and Gas Industry cocksuckers of ‘Bush Country’ have been getting a real kick out of their abusive violations of my life?  There are witnesses to their enjoyment of it? 

W’s little campaign to slander me in any and every capacity that his feeble mind might conjure (penis size attacks? Really?  You all don’t see that as more of disrespect to the Office of the Presidency than anything I could possibly ever say myself?) - has damaged the image of the nation in the process and you might believe that he is oblivious to it?  He doesn’t grasp that having this ‘power’ to be such a fucking tyrant is because he has been the ‘Leader of the Free World’?   Maybe he just doesn’t care?  He’s such a defective individual that nothing else matters beyond his obsession with beating me into submission? 

I believe I struck upon another aspect of this over the weekend.  I have endured a trauma that I don’t believe anyone could really fully appreciate.  I might have a debatable view on the appeal of young females and I believe I have more than a defendable position on it.  Regardless of that – I have been attacked so viciously with a power behind it in a community so ripe with a combination of religious fanatics, poorly educated people, extremist ‘conservatives’, etc. that I can’t express enough just how brutal it has been (and this is the state that has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in the nation might add a little bit of extra context to how ridiculous it has been).

I tend to have a really coarse sense of humor generally speaking and in the mix of all of this there have been a few really young girls that have caught my attention, mainly Rebecca Black (the Friday video girl) and Elle Fanning (the little sister of Dakota – a longtime ‘supporter’ possibly and star of last summer’s Super 8).  I’ve made numerous jokes about my thing for them or whatever you might reference it as - take this into the context of the detachment from reality that I have experienced – including being falsely diagnosed to be a ‘chronic paranoid schizophrenic’ and the whole bit. 

I believe that W has sought to seize upon my otherwise rather innocuous fixation on these girls (as I tend to fixate on literally dozens of other ‘celebrity’ females who are all adults) and he has blown it up into a huge deal and/or I have felt an exaggerated need to defend myself with humor or otherwise that has made a far bigger deal of it than it might have ever been. 

In the same manner that W hasn’t cared about anything else he has destroyed in pursuit of beating me into submission or to drive me to the brink of being suicidal – I believe he has hypocritically caused harm to these girls in his supposed moral crusade to protect the innocent young females (that I am guessing Okies haven’t already knocked up) of the world from me and my supposed ‘child molesting’ spree that I am on?  (I’ve never molested any children – W would have you think so though)

W& Co owe these girls more than an apology.  They deserve to have this made up  to them somehow if this is all the reality that I have believed it to be and they have been caught in the fray of W’s obsessive petulant fit to destroy and/or control me. 

I apologize to them for my part in it and I hope to see them be properly compensated or whatever might be deemed appropriate as reparation to them.  (if when you turn legal age you want to thank me for this I’m sure that can be worked out.  I’m joking.  Not really.  Sort of.)

Quick Post From Iphone

Before I got to sleep; I believe tonight’s story is a 180 to how this isn’t about ‘helping me out’, but some fucking Deliverance form of ‘punishment’?

The story flip flops depending on whatever way the wind might be blowing. If it doesn’t seem to be being believed that I am being ‘helped out’ then it is ‘punishment’ then when my Constitutional Rights are brought up - it goes back to ‘just trying to help me out’